This collection of projects features my best and proudest work. These projects were selected with the criteria that would showcase my passions for graphic design as well as expressing who I am as a person. One day I hope to look back at these projects and see how I have grown as a designer.
I have never seen myself as being artistic. I did not grow up drawing or painting endlessly. However, one thing I did notice about myself early on was that I was very organized. I have always had this trait, whether it comes to taking notes, cooking, packing, you name it there was always a reason for the placement and amount of everything used in the activity. In the beginning of my design career making everything perfect was more of a downfall than a strength. Now, I have learned to control this aspect of who I am to provide a positive impact on my work rather than a limitation. These designs in this portfolio include this aspect of who I am whether it be for personal, educational, or commercial use.
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